Announcing our 2017 Spring Auction!

Fellow collectors, we are about to commence our seventh auction and hope you will find an artifact for your collection. We have an impressive selection of items spanning WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Many of our lots stem from private collections and have been offered for the first time to the collecting community. Once again, the Invaluable.com auction platform will facilitate your bidding and should you have any questions, please email us at thiesauctions@gmail.com or call 540-424-1338 with your requirements.

The auction starts this Sunday, February 12th at 10am EST and closes Sunday, March 5th at 10pm EST. To view the catalog startingthis Sunday, visit us on Invaluable.com!



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Announcement: JRB&M will not post a website update next Friday, 24 February, due to the Show of Shows (SOS) in Louisville, Kentucky. Our next update will be Friday, 2 March.



Item of the Week : 2/17/17


Welcome! Johnson Reference Books & Militaria boasts the largest online catalogue of German dress daggers, German swords, German bayonets, and other German militaria offered world-wide. We have over 2,100 items of original German Imperial and Third Reich edged weapons, parts and accouterments, as well as out-of-print and current militaria reference books.

Our 46+ years of service has given us an unprecedented advantage in the German militaria market.

Admiral Edward “Sonny” Masso U.S. Navy (Ret) makes a return visit to JRB&M.


 Notice to the Many JRB&M Loyal Customers:

Due to her outstanding, exemplary performance since joining the JRB&M firm, Miss Lena BrownEyes has been officially promoted to the position of JRB&M General Manager. Lena is and has been the recipient of innumerable “kudos” from JRB&M customers living both in the U.S. and from around the world. She has handled countless JRB&M orders with accuracy and precision. We all congratulate Lena on her professional and well-deserved advancement. When one of my employees receives more compliments from customers than myself, it is definitely time for both a pay raise AND a promotion.           LTC (Ret) Thomas M. Johnson, President, JRB&M.






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