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Item of the Week : 5/19/17




Welcome! Johnson Reference Books & Militaria boasts the largest online catalogue of German dress daggers, German swords, German bayonets, and other German militaria offered world-wide. We have over 2,100 items of original German Imperial and Third Reich edged weapons, parts and accouterments, as well as out-of-print and current militaria reference books.

Our 46+ years of service has given us an unprecedented advantage in the German militaria market.


Admiral Edward “Sonny” Masso U.S. Navy (Ret) makes a return visit to JRB&M.



 Notice to the Many JRB&M Loyal Customers:

Due to her outstanding, exemplary performance since joining the JRB&M firm, Miss Lena BrownEyes has been officially promoted to the position of JRB&M General Manager. Lena is and has been the recipient of innumerable “kudos” from JRB&M customers living both in the U.S. and from around the world. She has handled countless JRB&M orders with accuracy and precision. We all congratulate Lena on her professional and well-deserved advancement. When one of my employees receives more compliments from customers than myself, it is definitely time for both a pay raise AND a promotion.           LTC (Ret) Thomas M. Johnson, President, JRB&M.







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