Catalogue/Edged Weapons/Consignment

White Cotton Gloves. I would strongly recommend a couple of pairs for every serious edged weapon collector. As pointed out by myself in my writings and by any serious edged weapon expert, blades should be handled only while wearing white gloves. Oils from fingertips cause more blade spotting than anything else. One should take a cue from the Smithsonian and other major museums. All curators, assistant curators, etc. are required to wear white gloves when handling museum edged weapon artifacts. These gloves are inexpensive and will more than pay for themselves if one blade spot is precluded. Much better quality that the white cotton gloves previously offered by our firm.

  • White cotton Gloves. $6./Pr.

Simi-Chrome Polish.
Helps keep your fine treasures looking their best. A time tested, proven product, Simi-Chrome is famous for the brilliant luster it gives to brass, copper, silver, pewter, etc. It cleans and protects while it polishes.

  • Can (8.82 oz) – $31.75.@
  • Tube (1.76 oz.) – $10.55@

Penn Reel Take-Down Wrench.
Perfect tool for disassembling the Party form dagger. $6.50@

Miniature Screwdriver. 
Completes the above tools to give the dagger collector all the tools needed to disassemble daggers. Manufactured in West Germany according to tough German specifications. Large, plastic grip is perfect for tightening the scabbard screws (4-3/4″ overall). New! $5.@