Maker: EMil Voos (snake & tree stump) TM. condition: Exc++/Near MINT item number: 19046 price: $5,000.00


“Presented to our customers this week is a beautiful Salesman’s Example of Army Sword hilts by the prestigious Emil Voos firm known for their exquisite double etched dagger blades. This method of presentation allowed the potential customer to examine the sword hilt in detail while still allowing the salesman to transport and store easily. A remarkable set and rarely encountered in today’s highly competitive collectors’ market.”

EMIL VOOS SWORD SALESMAN’S SAMPLE CASE.¬†Emil Voos Sword Salesman’s Sample Case. Emil Voos (snake & tree stump) TM. A color photograph of this rare sword salesman’s sample case appears on page 193 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Volume I. This sample case consists of three dove head and two lion head sword hilts, complete with approximately 5″ of the plated blades. Sword samples are attached to a blue velvet-covered hard board backing by black elastic straps (one strap is broken), with a blue velvet flap to cover the samples for protection. Hilts are fire-gilted brass with eagle & swastika crossguards and red glass eyes in both lion head pattern hilts. Four of the swords grade Near MINT, while one lion head sword grades excellent++ with some age to the gilting. Black celluloid grips on all swords are perfect, with tight triple wire wrap present. Blue velvet shows light age and minor wear. Rare salesman’s sample case in superb condition! Exc++/Near MINT (19046) $5,000.00