Imperial Mining Official’s Sword (#27758)

Imperial Mining Official's Sword (#27758)

Maker: WK&C with king head & knight head TM.; Condition: EX+


WK&C with king head & knight head TM. This sword is pictured in the Imperial WK&C catalog as pattern No. 139 (Bergmanns-Schleppsabel). Gilted brass hilt fittings show light surface wear only with virtually all gilding remaining on plain hilt. Silver miner’s hammer and mallet insignia of the Mining Service (Bergbau) are pinned to the obverse langet. Black, sharkskin grip shows light surface wear with tight triple twisted wire wrap present. Plated blade grades excellent/excellent+ with light surface wear and some graying and minor lifting. Double-etched blade features floral pattern and military equipment (flags, drum, cannon) motif with light gray background frosting. Has its red felt blade buffer pad present. Black leather scabbard shows light age and one minor crease. Upper, center and lower gilted brass fittings are properly stapled and retain virtually all of their factory gilding. NOTE: Scabbard leather has shrunk causing sword to not quite seat completely. Sword comes complete with original ultra-rare gilt portepee with blue stripes and blue “dot” in acorn (original to sword). Original brown felt storage bag shows wear and some mothing. Vet purchased complete from a private source in Germany. EX+ (27758)