Miniature Royal Prussian Cürassier – Extra – Pallasch (Saber) on Onyx Base (#26112)

Miniature Royal Prussian Cürassier - Extra - Pallasch (Saber) on Onyx Base (#26112)

SOLD-No Maker; condition: EX+/EX++



No maker. This well detailed miniature, measuring 10” in overall length grades EX++ showing minor wear the cast, brass hilt with pommel nut and 4-bar handguard/crossguard. Cast, brass grip with cast wire wrap shows much wear to the black painted finish, but no damage or loss of detail.  Straight, plated, single-fullered, single-edged blade measuring 7 ¼” in length grades EX+/EX++ showing minor wear with a few age specks, but no lifting, pitting or damage to tip. Blade is without a buffer pad. Straight, nickel-plated scabbard shows minor wear and some minor scratches/crazing with one small depression to lower obverse shell, but no major damage. Scabbard is complete with the pre-1908 pattern double suspension bands/rings.  The jade-green, onyx base with burgundy felt backing measuring 8 38”L X 2 ½”W X 5/8”H shows minor wear and a few tiny nicks to edges, but no cracks or major damage. The two scabbard supports fit tightly to the base with no chipping to the onyx. Nice desk-top commemorative. EX+/EX++.