Sacking Aladdin’s Cave: Plundering Göring’s Nazi War Trophies

Sacking Aladdin's Cave: Plundering Göring's Nazi War Trophies

Written by Kenneth D. Alford, LTC (Ret.) Thomas M. Johnson, and Mike F. Morris; Hardcover


Near the close of World War II, two hell-bent-for-leather American units moved relentlessly toward the village of Berchtesgaden, nestled in the Bavarian Alps. The much-decorated 101st Airborne Division had fought its way from Normandy, Bastogne and through much of Germany, and the illustrious 1269th Engineer Combat Battalion had followed suit, starting south at Marseilles. Both forces would converge on Hitler’s hideaway, and awaiting them was a dazzling treasure trove nefariously collected by none other than Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring. The greedy, art-loving Nazi leader had accumulated a vast and dazzling array of paintings, precious jewels, and many other objets d’art – four trainloads’ worth. Following the age-old adage of “To the victor belong the spoils,” the rendezvousing American soldiers helped themselves to the crème de la crème of the Nazi loot.

Written by Kenneth D. Alford, LTC (Ret.) Thomas M. Johnson, and Mike F. Morris, this new book details the magnitude of the looting of art treasures by Hermann Göring and what happened to those treasures after they were recovered by Allied forces. The most valuable made their way to America, including items now valued in the millions of dollars. Highlights of the book chronicle the efforts to repatriate these works with their rightful owners.

Hardcover. Published in September, 2013.