NSFK Flyer’s Knife with Hanger (#30524)

NSFK Flyer's Knife with Hanger (#30524)

Maker: SMF, SOLINGEN seated king holding sword TM; Condition:EX++


SMF, SOLINGEN seated king holding sword TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show almost no surface wear and dark, uncleaned age patina to the pommel and crossguard with no damage to the black enamel swastikas on the quillon block. Tip of right crossguard is caster stamped “K”. Blue leather-covered grip shows very minor surface wear and grades EX++. Plated blade grades near MINT with runner marks, but no pitting or damage to blade tip. Blade is complete with original blue leather buffer pad. Blue leather covered scabbard shows minor surface wear and one very minor spot of missing leather on the lower edge, but no major rips or tears. Silver-plated upper and lower scabbard fittings show minor surface wear and some original factory lacquer remaining. Scabbard throat is stamped with the NSFK Icarus and swastika. The integral black leather hanger grades EX++ showing minor wear only with age patina to the nickel-silver retaining planchet and unmarked upper clip.