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      "Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Navy"


      By Thomas T. Wittmann. Hardbound, dust jacket, 560 pages. 200 full color photos. Explores the dress daggers and swords of the Imperial, Weimar, and Third Reich eras, from 1844-1945. Provides detailed information, as well as many superb black and white and color photographs of individual edged weapons. Many are pictured for the first time in full color. Price: $89.95@

    • "Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Luftwaffe"


      By Thomas T. Wittmann. Hardbound, dust jacket, 350 pages. Examines the dress daggers and swords of the German Luftwaffe. The designs covered include the long DLV patterns, the Glider Pilot designs of the NSFK and DLV, Ist and @nd model Luftwaffe patterns, the Luftwaffe sword and the General OFficer Dengen. Many are pictured for the first time in color. Price: $69.95@

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      "Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Army"


      By Thomas T. Wittmann. Hardbound, dust jacket, 270 pages. Provides the first in-depth analysis of the dress daggers worn by the German Army. The easy-to-understand text and proffesional photos analyze, disect and interpret German daggers in a manner never before attempted. Features a close-up examination of the use of exclusive trademarks, grips, crossguards, pommels, scabbards, blades, leather washers, and even screws. Intended as the first of a series which will be devoted to detailing all Third Reich dress dagger types. Price: MINT $69.95@

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      Uncleaned Army Officer's Dagger (#25413)


      Maker: F.W. Höller, thermometer inside double oval TM.; Condition: EX/EX++

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      "F.W. Assmann and Sohne Sales Catalog Reprint"


      Softbound, 108 pages with hundreds of illustrations. From the late 1930's, this fascimile reprint of the F.W. Assmann & Sohne catalog provides a wealth of information on identification and use of hundreds of items produced by this well-known firm, including cap and uniform insignia; medals; badges; gorgets; belt buckles; dagger hanger hardware; buttons. Other accouterments are illustrated and described for the Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine, Heer, Polizei, SS, and all other branches of the NSDAP. Price: $20.00

    • "Gerbruder Grafrath Solingen-Widert Musterbuch No.26 (Circa 1934) Professional Reprint"


      This professionally produced catalog reprint features over 85 hunting, utility, and pocket knives, as well as the standard dress bayonet, the Fireman's bayonet, Hitler Youth knife, and the SA and NSKK daggers. This historic catalog was one of the first to introduce the edged weapons of the Third Reich. Painstakingly produced from an original catalogue, this reprint is identical to the original size and format. A valuable reference and a welcome addition to any edged weapon library. Price: $12.00

    • "WKC-Waffenfabrik G.M.B.H. Catalog Reprint"


      This is an exact copy of the 1938 edition of the famous German WKC edged weapon catalog. Pictures the entire line of WKC swords and daggers and provides the original factory item numbers for each peice. Is also complete with the WKC factory price list No.19. Softbound. Price: $12.00 NOTE: A few original copies of this rare sales catalog are available from JRB&M for $110.00-$195.00 each, depending on condition.

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      Army Officers Dagger (#27514)


      Maker:ORIGINAL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN squirrel holding sword etched TM.; Condition:EX+/EXX++

    • "Carl Eickhorn Kunderendienst Catalog Reprint"


      This high quality, professional reprint is produced in an orange loose-leaf binder like it was produced during the Third Reich era. This catalog was also originally printed in a brown loose-leaf binder. Each individual sidearm manufactured by the Eickhorn firm during the war is depicted and described Price: $32.00

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      "Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich", Volume VIII


      Hardbound. Dust Jacket. 364 pages. (1st edition.) Autographed copies on request. Illustrated with excellent photos and artwork. Features the author's first person account of his ties to the German blade-producing city of Solingen; photos of many of the famous Solingen edged weapon manufacturing firms, past and present; anexhaustive study of the dress daggers of the RLB organization; the truth about the most sought-after, one-of-a-kind, Hermann Goring Reichsmarschall dagger; rare and unusual Third Reich edged weapons belonging to Luftwaffe General von Creigern, Navy Admiral von Nordeck, and a complete RLB prototype bayonet; an expanded update on current retail market values for all standard Third Reich regulation and miniature edged weapons and their accompanying accouterments; uncommon manufacturer trademarks not featured in Volumes I-VII; a comprehensive review of Third Reich edged weapons in wear; additional revelations from the Carl Eickhorn, WKC, and other Solingen manufacturers' 1933-1945 factory files; the continued in-depth treatment of the WWII combat boot knives. ISBN: 0-944432-05-0 Price: $58.50@