Police/SS Officer’s Sword w/SS Marked Hilt & Blade (#26444)

Police/SS Officer's Sword w/SS Marked Hilt & Blade (#26444)

Maker: Pet. Dan. Krebs, Solingen, crab within shield TM; Condition:EX++


Pet. Dan. Krebs, Solingen, crab within shield TM. Under provisions of the Decree of 17 June 1936 Reichsf├╝hrer- SS, Heinrich Himmler assumed full power over the entire German police organization and as such many members of the police held dual membership in the Police and SS. This sword is an example of this dual membership policy. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show minor surface wear to serrated pommel with some age speckling primarily to the upper ferrule but, no damage to the “D” knuckle-bow. The under- side of crossguard is stamped with the SS -within-octagon proofmark. Black wooden grip shows faint surface wear to black finish but, no cracks or chips to the grip and only minor wear to the reverse backstrap. The bronze Police grip eagle properly pinned to the obverse shows dark age patina and grip is complete with tight silver wire wrap. Polished, matte finish blade measuring 33″ in length grades EX++ showing only faint surface wear/runner marks with no gray speckling, pitting or nicks to cutting edge and is complete with white leather buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 98% of the original black enamel showing minor surface wear/scratches/crazing with only a minor missing paint. Nickel-plated upper and lower scabbard fittings show minor surface wear but, retain much of the factory darkening in the recesses of raised guilloche design on the upper fitting and incised lines on the lower fitting. Scabbard throat is SS proofmarked and the lower fitting is “sweated” on the shell without screws as is found on SS scabbards. Nice Krebs Police example w/ SS . EX++ (26444) $2,550.