Rare Eickhorn “Ordinance Saber” (#28103)

Rare Eickhorn "Ordinance Saber" (#28103)

Maker: CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN early double oval TM.; Condition: EX+/EX++


CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN early double oval TM. All parts have stamped early “eagle 82” waffenamt code on hilt, blade and scabbard. Underneath of crossguard stamped with two early period waffenamts consisting of an early “stick eagle” with the number “82”, the code for Alex Coppel, Solingen. Underneath of crossguard also stamped with “C.E. /G.” and “2180” which matches the markings stamped into the upper portion of the scabbard. Plain, unadorned brass hilt fittings show light surface wear but, no major age or damage. Black celluloid grip shows very light surface wear but, no cuts and is complete with double wire wrap. Blade grades EX+ showing surface wear/runner marks and vet inscribed “D 4576” but, no lifting or peeling to plating, and is complete with original blade buffer pad. Dent-free, steel, black scabbard shows surface wear but, no dents or damage and features matching numbers and waffenamt. EX+/EX++ (28103)