Rare National Socialists Student League Bayonet (#29242)

Rare National Socialists Student League Bayonet (#29242)

ON HOLD-Maker: E.PACK & SOHN, SOLINGEN and “Siegfried” welding hammer; Condition: EX+/EX++



Although we featured this extremely rare Third Reich dress bayonet on our website update a few weeks ago, this model Third Reich bayonet, unquestionably, deserves another look.  We have not had this model dress bayonet to offer at JRB&M for the past several years!  The majority of these bayonets were made by the Ernst Pack & Söhn company in Solingen. Pack is well known among German edged weapon collectors for their offset grip screws, which are present on this bayonet. The obverse grip plate features a Student League emblem affixed with pins and the remainder of the hilt is the standard military style. The scabbard is the standard black painted military type scabbard. These bayonets are extremely rare (see page 135 of German Clamshells and other Bayonets by G. Walker and R. Weinand.)

Many advanced German edged weapon collectors are leery of this model bayonet as some unscrupulous dealers/collectors found it was very easy to convert a standard HJ bayonet to the much rarer Student League bayonet by removing the HJ diamond from the obverse grip and simply gluing in place a replacement Student League diamond.  The fit is perfect, as the two diamond emblems are exactly the same size.  As mentioned earlier, the original diamonds for both the HJ bayonet and the Student League bayonet were held in place with two small pins.  The previous owner of the bayonet was asked to request his personal dentist to x-ray the hilt to determine if the diamond was being held by glue or correctly by the two small pins.  The bayonet being offered passed this test with “flying colors” and the actual dentist’s x-ray’s will accompany the bayonet when sold.

Being offered is an extremely rare standard Third Reich bayonet that very few collectors can claim to have in their own advanced collections.