Third Reich Lion’s Head Customs Pattern Sword Nr. 1016 w/Superb Gilded Hilt (#26812)

Third Reich Lion's Head Customs Pattern Sword Nr. 1016 w/Superb Gilded Hilt (#26812)

Maker: WKC, stamped knight's helmet TM; Condition: EX+/EX++


WKC, stamped knight’s helmet TM. An illustration of this pattern sword appears in the Third Reich era WKC sales catalog as Model Nr. 1016 “Zollbeamten-Säbel” (Customs Official’s Saber). Gilded brass hilt fittings show light wear to highlights with virtually 100% of the matte, honey-gold fire gilding remaining in the recesses of the lion’s head pommel with bright red glass eyes, floral leaf backstrap, oak leaf knuckle-bow and ferrule, as well as crossguard with political style eagle/swastika with short pointed wings on hand-stippled bacground. Black celluloid-over-wood grip shows light surface wear with one tiny scuff to the lower obverse adjacent to the ferrule, but no cracks, and is complete with twisted brass wire wrap. Plated blade measuring 30 ½” in length grades EX+/EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks, and several tiny “pecks” to the cutting edge but no shadowing, speckling, or lifting, and is complete with dark brown leather buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 80% of the original black enamel showing uniform surface crazing/oxidation. A photocopy of the above referenced WKC sales catalog information is included with the sword. EX+/EX++.